Warm Bamboo, Aromatherapy, Swedish, Remedial
& Elemis Deep Tissue

30 mins £45.00
45 mins £52.00
60 mins £69.00
90 mins £84.00

Hot Stone Massage (75mins) £79.00
Hot Stone Back Massage (45mins) £56.00

Indian Head Massage (30mins) £45.00
Traditional Indian Head Massage performed seated in a chair, fully clothed. This massage works on the tension areas of upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp.  Oils can be added to the scalp massage on request or performed dry.  Perfect for easing tense shoulders/scalp or anyone unable to lie flat on a massage bed.

Lymphatic Massage (MLD) (30mins) £47.00

Manual Lymphatic Draining Massage is a specialised type of massage technique used for reducing swelling & draining Lymph Fluid.  Often used when Lymph nodes have been removed this gentle technique is extremely effective.   Beneficial for: Swollen limbs, post surgery swelling, swollen joints, detoxifying the body, fluid retention, heavy legs and excess puffiness.

Elemis Peaceful Pregnancy Massage (75mins) £79.00
The nine month journey of nurturing is a special time.  Connecting with the mother through the power of touch & working with two heartbeats as one. Specialised postioning on our unique beanbag is used to ensure the ulitmate in comfort & relaxation. Combines tried & tested safe pregnancy massage techniques adapted to the trimesters, this massage helps to relieve tension in the lower & upper back whilst alleviating swelling of the hands & feet, easing the mind & uplifting the spirit. 

Elemis Luxury Full Body Massage:

Elemis Garden of England Rose Restore (60mins)  £72.00
Take a walk in an English rose garden with this lavishly hydrating body massage & micro wrap.  The unique trio of Rose, Camelina & Poppy seed oils maintain & restore elasticity, whilst encouraging skin renewal.  The skin is annointed with nourshing oils whilst a nurturing Rose balm & bespoke massage comfort the skin, & ground the spirit.  Skin is left exquistely moisturised, intensely supple & deliciously scented.

Elemis Hot Mineral Body Boost (60mins)  £72.00
This powerful treatment stimulates every cell in the body, helping alleviate muscular pain & remove toxins.  The heated minerals are a catalyst to warm & deeply relax the body, perfectly prepping for the Amber body balm, while the mind is whisked off to invigorating shores with the aromatic ocean spa. Completed with a shoulder & scalp massage, this a revoluntionary, minerally charged experience of skin conditioning, metabolic balancing & energising wellness.

Elemis Quartz Crystal Hot Poultice Massage:

Quartz and Amber crystal adds another element to massage with unique benefits including its renowend healing properties, easing anxiety, boosting our immune systems, balancing the mind and chakras to name a few.

Combined with a prescriptive blend of essential oils the Hot Poultices will work to deeply relax and ease aching muscles.  If you are looking for a treatment to totally relax mind and body then this treatment is highly recommended.

Quartz Poultice Back Massage (45mins) £56.00

Quartz Poultice Full Body Massage (75mins) £79.00

Elemis Body Treatments & Wraps

Lime & Ginger or Frangipani

Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub (30mins) £48.00

The extraordinary cleansing power of salt goes to work releasing toxins in this body polishing treatment.  The fragranced salt of your choice will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells & perfectly prepping the skin.  It leaves a smooth & responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourshing body oil.  Delivers velvety soft, invirgorated skin. 

Exotic Frangipani Body Nourishing Wrap (60mins) £62.00

This lusciously fragrant, intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East.  The velvety texture of the Monoi oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin.  The aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas.  You are kept cocooned & warm while the mood-balancing aromatics & skin conditioning oils do their work.  an emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.


Couture Touch Face & Body (60mins) £79.00

Experience the ultimate Elemis duo, a sensational Hot Stone massage to the back of the body, combined with a prescribed Advanced Anti-Ageing Booster Facial.  The perfect 60 minute combination!

Aromaspa Ocean Wrap (75mins) £71.00

These seaweed treatments detoxify & deep cleanse the body inside & out, combining the richest of sea plants & marine algae with aroma-therapeautic actives.  A warm seaweed body mask combined with a blend of essential oils is applied to the body, before you are cocooned in a comforting foil wrap, whilst being treated to a deep Thai drainage facial massage & de-stress scalp treatment.

Select either:

Musclease Aromaspa Ocean Wrap

A warming blend of Pine & Rosemary essential oils to help ease the pains of rheumatism, arthritis, muscular spasm & fatigue. 


Cellutox Aromaspa Ocean Wrap

A detoxyfying blend of Juniper & Lemon esssential oils decongests & stimulates the bodies systems.  Excellent for improving the dimpled appearance of cellulite & reducing fluid retention.


Thousand Flower Detox Wrap (60mins) £65.00

Enriched by Somerset soil packed with tree flower & grass rich nutrients, this treatment provides super skin-health & powerful detoxification, helping stimulate the elimination process & restore equilibrium.  Omega-rich Green Tea seed oil is massaged into the skin followed by the thousand flower, vitamin packed super nutritious earth wrap, encouraging the body to surrender its toxins.  A nourishing Green Tea balm, rich in minerals, proteins & Omegas - the superfoods of the skin - is the final touch, leaving you feeling completely reinvigorated & the body firing on all cylinders.